DiShama ($3.99/min)

Dial-In I.D: 170963

I am an intuitive and empathic advisor who share my gifts to offer supportive guidance for your journey. I use the intuitive gifts to receive messages from Spirit as well as tarot cards  to clarify the energies surrounding us. From an childhood age, I was extremely sensitive to both external stimuli and the spiritual world. I have always had a sense of *knowing* things: whether it was about people, situations, or an event that was yet to occur. While it my have been deemed strange “coincidences” by some in my life, I have understood this deep understanding was more than luck or chance. The number of these occurring throughout my life led me to explore this gift and learn how to share it with others. I have a deep connection to the spiritual world and have used my gift for myself and others since I was a child. It has been with an inner awakening as well as the loving support of close friends and family that I have emerged to empower others through my abilities. I am honest, direct, and compassionate which will  lead you towards taking the pathway that best serves you and your highest good. You can expect me to ask some questions for clarity, though I try to be mindful as to not dilute or interfere with the messages I receive.