Grandma Linda  ($1.00/min)

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Grandma Linda is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, and Oracle Card Reader.  She is powerful and has helped many special needs children and clients of all ages guiding them through their journey. She was raised in Indiana.   Not only a mother, she was also a foster parent and respite worker for the State of Indiana.  She worked in a Mental Health outpatient facility for 5 years.  The therapist loved her and would ask, “What do you do to our patients while they wait for their appointment?  They come in ready to open up and talk.”  She would just say “I don’t know”, she just listens and cares for them.  She would realize, she couldn’t remember their exact conversation, she realized it was angels talking through her.  She walks the Native American Path.   That led her to study Reiki which connected her to her psychic abilities.  She has traveled to all of the lower 48 states and parts of Canada, working and teaching Native American Heritage, Pow-Wows, and working with seniors.  In November 2021, she decided to retire and strengthen her ability to guide people without being trapped as a full time manager.  She studied with “Awaken Institute” and received her  Reiki II”.  Now she is ready to give her clients 100%, without interruptions.  She found her time … Your Time Is Now!