Nyx Waabanong Aanang Ikwe ($3.99/Per Min.

Nyx Waabanong Aanang Ikwe is a Shamanic Healer and Intuitive. Mediumship and Psychic abilities since early childhood. She provides readings and healing through her natural connection with the Divine and helping Guides/Spirits, the Shamanic Path, Bone Throwing Divination, Oracle/Tarot/Angel readings, Mediumship, and other methods. Offers Flat Rate Sessions.

Long description———
Merry Meet and Blessed be!! My name Nyx. I was given the rest of my name Waabanong Aanang Ikwe by an Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) medicine man in a naming ceremony when I was 16. It means Morning Star Woman. It means I am supposed to show people the light and lead them, which is something I fully realized the meaning of when I heard the call of Shamanism. 
I have a had full spectrum psychic and mediumship abilities since before I can remember and it’s gotten a lot stronger over the past 6 years. I started my spiritual journey with Magick and healing when I discovered paganism in 2009. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2014 and although I cannot do this in the digital realm, it’s an important aspect of me and my path as a healer so, I felt inclined to list it. I’ve been doing Reiki since 2020. I was called to Shamanism in 2021 and the path continues to lead me and teach me. I’ve discovered that it is not something you find but, a thing you realize you have had all along! 
I am proficient at Bone Throwing Divination (the oldest form there is), Oracle/Tarot/Angel card readings, Channeling, Mediumship and Crossovers, Divination, Lightwork and energy healing, Clairsentience/Claircognizance/Clairaudience/Clairvoyance/Clairgustance, Astral Projection and Shamanic Journey, Psychometry, aura reading, and protection spell work. 
I started practicing Intuitive work professionally in 2021 after doing it as more of a low-key hobby for a couple years before that. I am an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church and Pagan High Priestess of Coven Of Phoenix Aurora Lightwork (C.O.P.A.L.). 
I am willing to help anyone that is respectful and open to it and I believe you have the right to worship whatever divine nature you connect with without discrimination and follow the spiritual path that is set for you as long as you are not infringing on the rights of others. I myself am very eclectic and draw inspiration and connection from many places. I think that makes me very open to help many types of people. I have knowledge of some Hmong Shamanism and Indigenous Shamanism techniques. My bone throwing skills were taught to me by Atalanta Moonfire, whom leaned from Lauren Miller, and some of the traditional throws I learned are African, Southern hoodoo, and Indigenous in origin. I myself have a lot of different ancestries and connect the most with my Scottish, Nordic, and Cherokee Indigenous heritage and ancestors. I believe in many things and take what I connect with from wherever I find it. I am very connected with my Ancestors, Guides, the Angel Uriel, and my Goddess Hekate in particular. 
I  am called  to help people heal by showing them their paths and guiding them through my intuitive healing and spiritual services. My goal is to be a healer of mind, body, and spirit! 
Yours in Healing, 
Nyx Waabanong Aanang Ikwe(Nyx Morning Star Woman)