Sister Starr ($2.99/min)

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I am an intuitive life coach as well as a cultural centric advisor. I am also initiated into the priesthood of Orisha worship in the spiritual system of Ifa. I have been intuitive all my life. I’ve provided intuitive readings for the last 28 years privately. Now publicly for the last Seven years. I Am a “Altar builder facilitator.”   I am A humble servant of Orisha and my Ancestors.I have supported ceremony and sat in council with many spiritual people. Found directions and instructions from my elders, it is with permission from my elders that I do this work. Coaching is an essential part of who I am.  My gifts have been focused on intuitive readings. As a Intuitive reader (Psychic & Medium) I use automatic writing and when moved to do so will confirm with Crystals, Oracle cards and the like when moved to do so.