Vayu Tiger ($0.99 / Min

Vayu Tiger has been doing readings for 15 years. He has performed over 10,000 readings. Tiger is a certified tarot reader and geomancer. He has been an occultist for 23 years. He has an interest in Greek philosophy, Renaissance astrology, and exploring metaphysical concepts. Vayu has the goal in mind to help his clients live a more fruitful life. He assists with coaching, reading tarot, reading geomancy, and offering solutions to your life challenges. Tiger will help you with your love life, romance, potential lovers, career, relocations, spiritual advice, and a multitude of other life obstacles which may come your way. “Knowing thyself” is the motto that he has adopted for himself and others to face and help overcome their problems. His style of reading is geared toward communication by listening first and only offering advice when the client asks for it. Tiger will not bully you into any decisions or tell you what you do. It is his belief that you make your own path and learn from anything that may come.